Feb 072012

Unified Patent Court seat and divisions

The question turns to be political matter.

With the European union patent, companies and individual would be able to protect their inventions within 25 countries by a single registration as European patent.

Until today, registration and any litigation relating to patent in Europe are very expensive because of multi proceedings in each different country member of European Union, as comparison costs of registration of European union patent would reach around 40.000 euros for Europe wide protection whereas 2.000 euros in USA.

It is necessary to provides an easier and less expensive way to protect creation in Europe with a unified procedure of registration and a unified patent court to give secure protection to each applicant.

The way to achieve the unification is to set a unified jurisdiction, this is now a reality the EU member states will soon have a European patent court. The Unified Patent Court seat will be in Paris with divisions in Munich and London.

London, Paris and Munich want to welcome the unified patent court, the jurisdiction in charge of unitary patent registration and protection. The place of such jurisdiction is of most importance for France, United Kingdom and Germany, the venue will have considerable influence on the European patent union future development.